"In The Zone" paste is formulated for fractious minded, young, nervous or hot horses. The In the Zone paste is designed to coat the gut while giving nutrients to help your horse stay focused and calm.

This is a broad spectral formula to asset your horse's health while competing.

80cc tube contains up to 4, 20cc doses.

In The Zone paste 80cc tube assist with Focus and

  • In The Zone paste is designed to:

    • Improved work ethic

    • Maintain healthy eating habits while at events

    • Calm while maintaining focus

    • Increase sharpness


    In the Zone Product size is 80cc tube, contains up to 4, 20cc doses.


    Ingredients: Aloe vera, Calcium bentonite, Apple cider vinegar, Coconut oil (unrefined), Sodium chloride, Shilajit, Rose hips, Spirulina, Fenugreek, Raspberry leaf powder and Mixed tocopherols (as preservative).




    • For gate issues, nervous behavior, and pawing give 20cc 1-2 hours out from riding

    • For young horses when first hauling give 20cc before loading in the trailer, 20cc when you arrive, and 20cc 2-3 times a day while at the event. This will maintain the gut and reduce stress on the young horse.

    • For reduction in feed or water, give 40cc, then 4-6 hours later give another 40cc

    • Can be given on race day to assist with ulcers, WILL NOT TEST

    • As always check with your veterinarian to ensure there are no medical issues causing any of the issues above.